Shoftim. Shabbat 8.30.14

This week an in depth look at Deuteronomy 18:15-19 and the prophet ‘like unto Moshe.’   Is this passage speaking of the Messiah?  Is it generally speaking of prophets?  How did the apostles use this passage?  How can this passage be used apologetically?

Also, this week I announced and explained that I am stepping down from leading Davar.  Details in the announcement section.

Shavua tov!!

Shabbat 6.14.14 Shelach (Faith and Focus)

This week as we considered the 12 spies and their differing reports, we looked at it from tabernacle1the perspective of ‘Faith and Focus.’  Due to technical difficulties, only the message and closing blessing is in this recording.  Also, I think we had to revert to the old mic…  Anyway, it is worth the listen and consider the implications of where our focus is to be!

United 2 Restore – Connecting to Israel Tour

Do you have a desire to visit/tour Israel? Here is a very unique opportunity!! Come check it out!!


Our good friend, Hanoch Young, has asked me to post the following message with details for the fall 2014 Israel tour that he and Ken Rank are sponsoring through United2Restore.  Please seriously consider this VERY unique opportunity to have an Orthodox Jew who understands and believes in the presence of Ephraim among the Christian church as your tour guide!  There is NO other tour or tour guide like this opportunity!  (My wife and I are praying for how our Father might help us on this tour!!)

United 2 Restore – Connecting to Israel Tour

An Ephramite Experience in Israel

November 2 – 12, 2014

  1502539_10152326414266941_1144240650_n     It’s time for Ephraim to stand up, time to begin acting as part of the Nation of Israel.  And here’s an amazing Connecting to Israel Tour designed just for them!

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Shabbat 6.7.2014, Beha’alotcha The sin of complaining.

This week’s Torah message focused on the sin of complaining as exampled in Numbers 11.  Most all sins come back to a root of distrust of God and His care for us.  When we complain, we are stating that we think the God of the universe is not caring for us in a manner that we think we are worthy of. Essentially, we place ourselves in judgment of His works when we complain against them.

Please pardon a couple glitches in the audio during worship/singing as we had a big thunderstorm moving through the area and twice had our power go out.

Shavuot 2014. The Connection with Evangelism.

Here is a recording of the short worship service we hosted with a couple area Messianic groups coming together.  Please pardon the wind that affected the recording, though I think the message came through well enough.

Now for a few pictures of the gathering…

Shavuot 2014 001

Shavuot 2014 006 Shavuot 2014 020 Shavuot 2014 026 Shavuot 2014 029 Shavuot 2014 022

Beautiful, peaceful Lake Greenwood.  We enjoyed an excellent view all day.  Children swam while adults fellowshiped and ate.



The shelter we rented before everyone arrived.




Worship began around 11:30 for about 40 minutes.





Two leavened loaves were waved to the four corners of the earth.










And, the message as we looked at the connection of Shavuot with evangelism.